Child Support

What is child support?
When there are minor children involved, the Court will make a determination during a dissolution of marriage proceeding or paternity action as to whether one parent shall receive monetary contributions from the other parent for the care of the minor child or children based primarily on the Child Support Guidelines in Florida.

The amount of child support ordered by the Court is based on the situation of each parent at the time of the case, but if the situation changes with time, it may be possible for the amount ordered by the Court to be modified at a later date. To adjust child support after it has been ordered, a Modification proceeding would be necessary so long as there has been a substantial change in circumstances and the modification would be in the child or children’s best interest. We have years of experience dealing with both initial child support determinations and later modifications of child support.

At The Johnston Law Firm, P.A. our divorce and family law attorneys are experienced in assisting clients in the following areas:
•Seeking relief if a spouse does not pay child support
•Addressing a parent who falls behind on child support
•Collecting child support
•Paying child support
•Collecting retroactive child support
•Child support enforcement
•Child support modification
•How to change parental timesharing, parental responsibility, and child support orders
•How to raise or lower your child support payment
•Calculating child support
•Establishing a child support payment schedule

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