The decision to file for divorce may be mutual but what often makes this decision more difficult is the involvement of minor children. When there are minor children, the Court will often make a determination as to both parent’s rights and obligations to the children. Whether the pending case is a Dissolution of Marriage (divorce) or a Paternity case, Florida Statutes requires the development and implementation of a Parenting Plan. At The Johnston Law Firm, P.A. our family law lawyers can help you negotiate a mutually beneficial time sharing plan or visitation schedule between you and your ex-spouse.

The courts now refer to custody as “Parental responsibility” and “Time Sharing.” Equal timesharing and Co-Parenting is generally favored and means that each parent will have an equal say in the major decisions affecting the welfare of the minor children. Sole parental responsibility is awarded to one parent in very limited situations. Visitation is now more appropriately referred to as “Time Sharing” or the time each parent spends with the child or children.

In many cases, sharing time with the other parent often causes tension and can seem unfair to one person or the other. Typically parents will argue before the judge as to why they should have sole custody or have more timesharing than the other parent. There are times however, that some parents are in agreement on the timesharing schedule. We will help you work to develop a Parenting Plan that is specifically tailored to your situation and your children’s individual needs.

It is best to talk with an experienced family law attorney to learn more about how courts determine time sharing in divorce and paternity proceedings. We are divorce attorneys for Moms and divorce attorneys for Dads. If you are in a situation where you need help in negotiating timesharing with a child or you wish to modify your current timesharing or parenting agreement, we invite you to call us at 407-447-4471.

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